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Jeff Harris, Producer | Mixer | Engineer | Artist

Music is like oxygen to me. Songwriting, arranging, performing, producing, recording, mixing… I love everything about the creative process of making music. Even after all these years, I’m more driven than ever to create great art and put it out in the world.

From humble beginnings working on a Tascam Portastudio to the Pro Tools HD equipped studio I work in today, I’ve always been facinated by the recording process. That passion has led me on a journey to where I am today. A lifetime spent learning my craft and developing my skills so that I can help you bring your artistic vision to life.

MadSam Recording is the studio I’ve always dreamed of owning. An inspiring, vibey room that fosters creativity married to an amazing array of gear that stands ready to capture your next masterpiece.

At the heart of MadSam Recording is a Pro Tools HD Native system. Microphones from Peluso, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica, Audix and EV feed mic preamps from Avedis, Brent Averill and Universal Audio. AD/DA conversion is handled by an Avid HD I/O 16×16 and reference monitors are Focal Solo6 Be and Yamaha NS-10M. Numerous guitars, amps, effects, keyboards and virtual instruments along with a Tama drum kit are available for use.

However, recording and/or mixing your next single, EP or full length CD is about much more than a cool room and a bunch of fancy gear. It’s about working with someone who shares your passion and can help your deliver your very best.

So What Can I Do For You?


  • Do whatever it takes to capture your ideas and create a finished product
  • As a musician/artist myself, you can be confident I will bring the utmost musicality and taste to every project


  • Take your raw tracks and present the songs in a way that elicits an emotional reaction from the listener
  • Deliver the appropriate balance, tonality, energy and excitement that your song deserves


  • Make sure your recorded tracks sound as good as possible
  • As a self professed tone freak, you can be sure I will capture your tracks with all the care and attention to detail they deserve

Session Musician

  • Deliver guitar and vocal tracks that will take your production to the next level
  • From my years of experience working with national recording artists, production companies and various producers/artists, I know what it takes to deliver inspiring tracks

Recent Work

Thanks so much for making this music come to life!! I so appreciate you and your amazing talents!

—Kerry Clark, Singer/Songwriter

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